Bricktionary: The Interactive Lego Brick Exhibition

The A-to-Z of Lego includes more than 150 impressive models, plus six interactive building zones, and there is not much time left to experience this incredible exhibition!

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The brick-building finatics in and around the Gold Coast are running out of time to experience Brictionary: The Interactive Lego Brick Exhibition! On display at HOTA, Home of the Arts until this Sunday, August 7, this brick-fuelled event gives southeast Queensland its second Lego-themed exhibition, after the Wonders of the World showcase wrapped up in Brisbane.

Inspired by Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught’s latest book, The Bricktionary: The Ultimate A-Z of LEGO., and premiering exclusively on the Gold Coast, this fun-filled journey for families, kids and adults shows you how to turn your LEGO brick dreams into amazing creations. More than one million bricks have been used at Bricktionary, which is spread out over 1000 square metres at the Gold Coast venue.

As part of the Bricktionary exhibition Brickman gave all the builders a chance to build a LEGO® brick model of anything they could think of, showcasing both their skill and passions. From anime to animals, fashion to fantasy and tabletop games to TV shows, there’s something to inspire everyone to get out their LEGO bricks and get building!

The Brickman is a team of skilled LEGO® brick craftspeople led by Ryan McNaught, aka “The Brickman.”  Ryan is a LEGO® Certified Professional, one of only 22 in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.  Ryan is also the main competition judge on Channel Nine’s blockbuster TV series LEGO Masters Australia beside host Hamish Blake.

Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught said he is thrilled to be bringing the experience to the Gold Coast for LEGO® enthusiasts to enjoy.

“I am so excited to be premiering my brand-new show, Bricktionary: The Interactive LEGO® brick Exhibition at HOTA on the Gold Coast,” said Ryan.

“This exhibition is based on my new book, The Bricktionary, and is all about using LEGO® bricks to inspire and celebrate the power of imagination. With over 150 models to inspire you, millions of LEGO® bricks to build with, and 6 all-new build zones, (including an Earthquake challenge), I can’t wait to see what Queenslanders create!”.

Transforming the aptly coloured HOTA Gallery’s largest 1000sqm gallery space, the exhibition is designed as an immersive LEGO® brick experience, offering a fun-filled journey of creation for families, children and adults alike.

With brand-new interactive challenges and featuring over 1 million LEGO bricks, participants will learn how to turn LEGO® dreams into reality, with amazing creations and something to spark everyone’s creativity.

“Art is supposed to ignite our imagination and this exhibition does much more than that. It leaves you in awe over the skill and creativity required to create such amazing models…all out of LEGO®,’’ said Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate.

“I expect families from right across the southeast region will be attracted to this exhibition. Prepare to be amazed.’’

Proudly presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts, CEO Criena Gehrke shared in the excitement for this world-first exhibition.

“LEGO® has charmed families for generations, and we’re thrilled to be working with The Brickman team to present the world premiere of a brand-new interactive exhibition here on the Gold Coast at HOTA,” she said.

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