Better with Pepsi Campaign

Pepsi Co have reinvented their cans once again, this time giving consumers an idea of what to pair the drink with, for their newest campaign ‘Better With Pepsi’!

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The Pepsi brand has been on the scene since 1893, and every now and then, the company likes to make a temporary change in terms of design for their newest campaign ‘Better with Pepsi’. 

Pepsi’s logo hasn’t been tweaked since 2014, but they do turn out the occasional redesign. Their most recent, arguably the most eye-catching yet. They have traded in the infamous blue can for a new pop-art/comic-book makeover as part of their new campaign.

‘Better With Pepsi’

The ‘Better With Pepsi’ campaign focuses on food pairings for the cola company. The cans have been decorated in an eye-catching and quirky way, covered in illustrations of feel-good foods. 

Some of the cans feature snacks and meals such as; popcorn, pizza, ramen. But the options don’t stop there! The campaign also features a range of merchandise, jeans, magnets and even a clock!

According to Dieline, the rebrand was designed by Pepsi’s design team in Bangkok and Shanghai. This is why some of the rebranded packaging featured online depicts a larger quantity of Asian Street food like ramen and gyozas.