Barclays partners with trusted non-profits across the Asia Pacific to deliver relief through £100m COVID-19 Community Aid Package

Barclays has announced the latest charity partners in the Asia Pacific that the firm will be supporting through its global £100m COVID-19 Community Aid Package.

Across Asia Pacific, these partners are distributing food, providing shelter and emergency support to vulnerable communities and low-income families most at risk of hardship including elderly people, disabled people, pregnant women, children, migrant workers and those with limited access to government support.

“We are supporting these charity partners in the countries that we operate in, as our response to fight against COVID-19. By partnering with these incredible charities, we hope to amplify their impactful work and provide relief to even more vulnerable individuals and families in need of support,” said Jaideep Khanna, Head of Barclays, Asia Pacific.

“I am immensely proud to be part of an organisation that is playing an active role in supporting its communities during these challenging times, working together with clients and colleagues to assist those impacted most by the crisis.”

Some of Barclays’ latest Asia Pacific COVID-19 charity partners and their contributions are as listed below:

Akshaya Patra, India provides mid-day meals to school children from low-income families to increase attendance at schools and ensure children have access to education. Barclays’ support will provide vulnerable groups with access to food, organise ready meals at migrant camps and distribute dry groceries and cooked meals across the country.

Bo Charity Foundation, Hong Kong is dedicated to conserving the environment and caring for the underprivileged. Barclays’ support will provide food coupons to vulnerable groups to help them access food. These coupons will primarily be provided to people from underprivileged families who have lost their jobs.

The Food Bank Singapore, Singapore collects excess food from food suppliers and redistributes them to organisations such as elderly care homes, family service centres and soup kitchens. Barclays’ support will help with the charity’s work to ensure vulnerable groups, especially people with disabilities, the elderly and migrant workers, do not go without food.

Goonj, India provides disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development projects across India. Barclays’ funding will support daily wagers, migrants, and other vulnerable groups that have inadequate access to social security services and basic amenities.

Habitat for Humanity, Australia and Hong Kong is a charity housing organisation working to empower people in the world’s poorest communities to access decent housing. Barclays’ support will help the organisation in Australia and Hong Kong to provide vulnerable communities, including the elderly, indigenous population, women and children, with clean, safe and decent living conditions with temporary shelter, food and other basic amenities.

Houkago After School, Japan provides after school programmes, offering children a safe and comfortable space at low cost, and helping them to grow into well rounded adults. Barclays’ funding will help the organisation to support medical staff by taking care of their children; supporting the children with counselling, basic care and learning tools.

Magic Bus India Foundation, India equips children and young people in India with the skills and knowledge that they need to move out of poverty. Barclays’ support will help the organisation to engage with hard to reach communities, supporting them with access to food, awareness sessions on COVID-19 and helping them recognise symptoms so that they reach out for medical care in time.

Mother’s Choice, Hong Kong supports many children without families and pregnant teenagers. Barclays’ support will enable the charity to help vulnerable youth and their babies with a safe haven for social distancing, access to basic amenities and learning facilities.

Plan International, India works to advance children’s rights and equality for girls. Barclays’ funding will support the organisation to provide vulnerable groups in disadvantaged families, including children, pregnant women and adolescent girls, with food and hygiene products, and will support with awareness-raising initiatives during the crisis.

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