Asics Ventures invests in Israeli synthetic spider silk startup, Seevix Material Sciences

Asics Corporation,sports equipment company, has announced that its investment subsidiary, Asics Ventures Corporation, has invested in Seevix Material Sciences Ltd. (“Seevix”), which was founded in 2014 following over a decade of academic research at the Hebrew University.

Seevix produces patented man-made spider silk, SVX, possessing natural spider silk’s extraordinary strength and elasticity. SVX spider silk is durable, yet sustainable and biodegradable.

Seevix manufactures SVX through biomimicry in a controlled fermenter-based process. SVX is a bio protein functional silk, with sustainability characteristics possessing the fibre’s natural properties, to create a thinner, lighter and tougher products on a commercial scale.

Seevix and the Asics Institute of Sport Science will jointly develop sporting goods utilizing SVX spider silk.

One of the core strategies in the brand’s medium-term management plan (“Asics Growth Plan (AGP) 2020”) is to “Create differentiated innovation”. The company has continued to introduce advanced technologies into our products to improve both sustainability and functionality and has shifted to sustainable materials, including those deriving from biotechnology, by collaborating with external partners.

Asics aims to contribute to a circular economy whilst creating innovative products, services, and processes that significantly change customers’ lifestyles and experiences.

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