Alpha Motor Corporation unveils its ACE electric vehicle coupe series, which features three new models named ACE, ACE performance edition, and SUPER ACE. Each model is built on Alpha’s mechanically adjustable vehicle platform and efficiently streamlines product validation by enabling rapid integration of body and components.

Image provided by © alpha motor corporation

With the new ACE electric coupe series, alpha motor corporation (see more) has aligned with AMP (see more), the industry leader in the most efficient energy management of electric vehicles. AMP delivers an all-encompassing ‘energy ecosystem’ consisting of eCloud, battery management system, and cutting-edge charging solutions. The AMP energy ecosystem is connected to the cloud enabling AI-driven battery analytics.

AMP has the world’s most compact battery management systems, the brand ensures maximum battery utilisation with high state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) accuracy. capable of ultrafast charging, AMP’s charging solutions support bi-directionality to enable redirection of energy to the power grid (home, office, and more) from the battery pack of an electric vehicle. 


A significant part of the AMP energy ecosystem, EMU (energy management unit) has been engineered to drastically reduce the cost of vehicle power electronics and save space by reducing component count. This extremely compact unit reduces the overall weight of the vehicle and hence, improves the ACE coupe’s range.

The optimised EMU package features a 70% reduction in size compared to industry average. this includes: an on-board charger, currently up to 11kW, bi-directional capability which can utilise the on-board charger as a V2L / V2G, DC-DC converter currently up to 3kW, supports DC fast charge, and power distribution to drive 12V loads.


In collaboration with rotiform (see more), the unveiling of the striking SUPER ACE came equipped with immaculate 19-inch custom 3-piece forged wheels. rotiform designs and builds the finest cast and custom forged wheels for electric vehicles. focused on style, strength, and aggressive fitment, rotiform wheels are the ultimate.

project info:

project title: ACE coupe series

company: alpha motor corporation

energy management system: AMP

wheels: rotiform

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