The Airbnb Frontline stays programme is currently active in Italy, France, Spain, the UK, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the United States

The home-stay company, Airbnb, has announced that the global Frontline stays programme will be activated in Mexico starting Monday, 27 April, in alliance with the Mexican Red Cross, in order to provide frontline workers with comfortable and convenient places to stay, whilst they carry out their critical work to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Available accommodations include listings in entire homes and rooms in boutique hotels, which may be requested directly by the Mexican Red Cross, who have already been trained on how to use the platform.

“The dedication, professionalism, commitment and spirit of service of all those who make the work of the Mexican Red Cross possible is the strength and motor of our institution. Everything we can do to support them will translate into the possibility of helping more people,” said, Fernando Suinaga Cárdenas, National President of Mexican Red Cross.

“We are infinitely grateful to Airbnb and its hosts for being in solidarity with all the frontline responders who are dedicating each day of their lives to fight against COVID-19. Mexico and Mexicans have always shown that by joining efforts and being in solidarity we succeed. I am sure that this occasion will be no exception.”

The spaces offered as part of this programme are entire homes with independent entrances, in addition to individual rooms in boutique hotels. In addition, they must agree to a number of safety requirements including enhanced cleaning protocols, social distancing with their guests, and allow for a 72-hour buffer between stays. Airbnb will help ensure that the responder stays are COVID-19 related and hosts are familiar with safety protocols.

“The Mexican Airbnb hosts are the ones who have once again demonstrated their solidarity and generosity in times of need. They are the heroes who are opening their spaces to help out in times of need.” said, Ángel Terral, Airbnb Country Manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

To help the hosts support the costs of cleaning, the platform announced that it will grant a cleaning subsidy in the amount of US$50/£40.51 per reservation for those hosts who offer their accommodation for free.

The Frontline stays programme is currently active in Italy, France, Spain, the UK, the Philippines, Malaysia and more recently, in the United States, specifically in New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans – cities which today are in much need of help.

Besides the Mexican Red Cross, individual responders will also be able to use this programme by requesting help through this website.

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