Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie, Hustle

Adam Sandler has achieved a career record with his brand new Netflix movie!

Adam Sandler, who has a $350m (£199m) deal with the popular streaming service Netflix, appears in Hustle, a sports drama in which he plays a basketball scout. 

Sandler’s pervious films for Netflix include The Ridiculous 6, Sandy Wexler and Murder Mystery. The newest addition to the ever-growing collection, Hustle, has seen Sandler receive some of the best reviews of his career to date.

On Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregate site, the film has a critics score of 89%, putting it in third place behind The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) and Uncut Gems. 

Hustle is currently the feature film most liked by his fans; it is the highest-rated film of his entire career when judged by the audience score. 

Hustle has 94%, which is followed up by Happy Gilmore (85%) and Reign Over Me (81%) – not including Sandler’s stand-up shows or documentary appearances. 

About The Hustle..

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In the Netflix film “Hustle,” Adam Sandler plays Stanley Sugarman, a longtime international talent scout for the Philadelphia 76ers. Sugarman has been vying for the chance to pivot into a coaching career for years. But after the team’s owner passes away and is replaced with Vince Merrick (Ben Foster), with whom he’s never seen eye to eye, he’s put on the road and tasked with finding the next great star player or stay a scout forever. 

According to an IndieWire interview, they first shot each game in what was called “Stanley Vision,” or through the coach’s perspective by using a long zoom lens. Editors cut the game together in real time. The following day, the game would be shot from the perspective of star player Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangómez), and the editors would cut each perspective together to shape the full world of the game. “One of the cooler things are the in-between moments when the players are breathing heavily,” Jeremiah Zagar told IndieWire. “When we started to get those moments, I started to know it was going to work.”