Coldplay announces their 10th studio album, stating that carbon emissions for vinyl production will be reduced by 85% due to a new method.

Not only that, Coldplay aims to create the most ecologically sustainable vinyl record yet for their newly announced album, “Moon Music.”

The band’s upcoming album, Moon Music, is getting an eco-friendly makeover! Standard vinyl copies, released on October 4th, will be made from recycled plastic bottles. That’s about nine plastic bottles getting a new life for each 140g record. But wait, there’s more. A special “notebook edition” takes things a step further.

The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit battling plastic pollution in our oceans, intercepts plastic waste and uses it to craft 70% of this vinyl. This plastic was specifically recovered from Rio Las Vacas in Guatemala, preventing it from polluting the Gulf of Honduras and the Atlantic Ocean.

This eco-conscious approach isn’t just for show. The band estimates a staggering 85% reduction in carbon emissions compared with regular vinyl production. Additionally, they’ll prevent the creation of 25 tonnes of virgin plastic. Even the CD copies receive the green treatment – they are made from 90% recycled plastic, resulting in a 78% reduction in emissions compared to traditional CDs.

This initiative accompanies Coldplay’s ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of touring. The band continues their epic “Music of the Spheres” world tour, which is now the third-highest-grossing tour of all time.

Earlier this month, the band announced they had reduced their carbon footprint by 59% compared to their previous world tour. In addition to minimising plane travel whenever possible, they employed creative technological solutions, such as “kinetic dancefloors” that harness energy from the movement of the crowd.

Moon Music marks a milestone for Coldplay! It’s their 10th studio album, a remarkable journey since their debut, Parachutes, in 2000. For this particular release, they’ve reunited with Max Martin, the hitmaking maestro behind their previous album, Music of the Spheres. Martin’s a legend in the industry, boasting a staggering 27 US No. 1 hits.

The first single from their upcoming album, Moon Music, “feelslikeimfallinginlove,” drops this Friday, June 21st. Fans can expect to hear it live just a week later, as Coldplay headlines the Glastonbury Festival on June 29th! It’s the perfect way to kick off their new era.

Coldplay isn’t the only one rocking eco-friendly vinyl! Artists like Billie Eilish are also pushing for sustainability. Her recent album, “Hit Me Hard and Soft,” featured recycled vinyl made from leftover materials of traditional production. It’s a great example of how the music industry can embrace greener practices.

Billie Eilish, another prominent voice in music, recently spoke out against wasteful vinyl practices. In a March interview with Billboard, she criticised the trend of “massive artists” releasing excessive vinyl editions with minimal changes to boost sales. She called it “fucking wasteful” and highlighted the environmental impact. On Instagram, Eilish later clarified her position, stressing that her criticism wasn’t targeted at individual artists but rather the industry’s widespread problem of excessive vinyl production.

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