The UK’s Official Charts Undergo Brand Revamp by Electric Mustard

UK Official Charts New And Old Logo
Image Source: Official Charts

After 70 years of the Official Singles Charts, the music platform has rebranded itself to be more digital-focused, keeping up with the times and current music market. The UK Official Charts’ rebrand is helmed by Electric Mustard and Full Fat Things, refreshing its brand identity and music platform to be on the same playing field as Spotify and others.

Official Charts’ New Logo

At first glance, the rebrand is most prominent in the form of the Official Charts’ official logo. Its predecessor, created by Give UP Art in 2011, featured two arrows pointing upwards and downwards. The space where the two arrows overlap creates a hidden ‘1’, giving the brand its iconic look.

UK Official Charts Logo
Image Source Official Charts

Revamped by Electric Mustard, the new Official Charts logo retains its original creativity and clever positioning. The only difference is that now, the arrows and ‘1’ have been tilted diagonally, emphasising on its famous number and Number 1 Award. 

Moreover, the colour palette has become more digital-friendly, bidding goodbye to its signature cyan and magenta colours. In its place is a rich cobalt blue along with pink and off-white. The Official Charts’ typography takes a modern twist, changing from tight letters to a wider and bolder font choice.

UK Official Charts Logo
Image Source Official Charts

Besides these, the rebrand provides an additional platform for the Official Charts off the air. Listeners can catch up on music trends on the UK’s Official Single Charts on BBC Radio 1, and its new brand and digital consumer platform. brings consumers the latest industry news, releases, music charts, and an interactive music chart archive.

The chart archive, the most in-depth and published public music database, is part of its web development strategy by Full Fat Things. Some of the platform features include an Artists section, Songs & Albums section, and even a weekly record of the charts from all its history. 

With striking, in-your-face colours and designs, the Official Charts’ rebrand hopes to tap into the digital market, evoking Gen Z and nostalgia. Given the prominence and popularity of music trends that transcend and lead industries worldwide, this rich digital experience will appeal to young, casual listeners and more.