It’s time to roll out those rolling pins and dust off your apron, as The Great British Bake Off Season 14 returns soon. A new animated short film by Channel 4’s in-house creative agency, 4creative, sees star baking ingredients frolic in anticipation of the new bake-off. 

Set to the tune of Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth”, the animated film begins with a carton of eggs in an open cupboard. The eggs make their great escape into the world, along with raspberries and chocolates, navigating the thrill of human life. 

From hitching a ride on a scooter to boarding a bus, the ingredients experience the great outdoors. No matter the butter-melting heat, tumultuous rain, or even a tumble down the hill, the ingredients find their way to the show’s iconic Bake Off tent. 

As the ingredients wait to be selected, the film takes a dramatic pause when excitement turns into confusion at the cracking of an egg. Nevertheless, the fun continues as they get used to their full potential, conjuring sweet treats and more.

With the final touches on a decadent chocolate raspberry cake, the judges and hosts of The Great British Bake Off Season 14 are revealed as Alison Hammond, Noel Fielding, Prue Leith, and Paul Hollywood. 

“Everyone’s excited, even them.” narrates the ending. Be it baking ingredients, judges, hosts, bakers, or viewers, the animated film is bound to evoke joy and excitement for the new bake-off.

The animated film first appeared on Channel 4 on the 30th of August and will be featured across the network and various platforms. The Great British Bake Off Season 14 is expected to begin airing in mid-September, according to the channel’s autumn schedule. 

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