Tazo Teas Off with Brew the Unexpected

Tazo has partnered with drag star, Alyssa Edwards, to curate a camp experience aimed at inspiring fans to drop their routines and discover.

Tazo has announced the upcoming launch of its first overnight camp experience for grownups. Led by guest camp director and drag star, Alyssa Edwards, the project is part of the tea brand’s Brew the Unexpected campaign themed around exploration and discovery.

The impetus behind the effort comes from the group’s late founder, Steven Smith, who is celebrated for his past dedication to travel and creating blends to delight with every cup. In a survey, Tazo learned that three out of four people wanted to exit their comfort zones.

However, the same group didn’t know where to begin. The study also showed that more than 70 percent of respondents regretted not trying something new versus trying and failing. Camp Tazo aims to offer an immersive experience with its premiere in 2019.

The alliance features Justin Dwayne Lee Johnson, whose persona as Edwards was depicted in RuPaul’s Drag Race and Dancing Queen. He will draw from his personal transformation journey and entertainment industry experience to help camp-goers overturn old routines.

“The campaign will take people on a journey of self-discovery to reignite that curiosity in each of us—beginning with each cup of Tazo tea. Brew the Unexpected is inspired by the legacy of our late founder, Steven Smith,” said George Hamilton, Tea Director at Unilever.