SweeTARTS Debuts Follow Your Tart with Troye Sivan

The new SweeTARTS campaign stars Troye Sivan alongside internet gaming sensation, Adam Montoya and LARPing expert, Momo O’Brien.

Nestlé-owned candy brand, SweeTARTS, has launched its Mini Gummies and Soft Bites offerings as part of the marque’s new Follow Your Tart brand campaign. Extending throughout the summer, the push is a festival of flavour and a platform designed to celebrate people and their passions.

The initiative has rolled out with an anthem video featuring singer-songwriter, Troye Sivan; YouTube personality and gamer SeaNanners (Adam Montoya); and LARPing expert, Momo O’Brien. While spotlighting each artiste’s unique interests, the spot also encourages fans to elevate their own.

To get the show on the road, SweeTARTS is set to unveil limited-edition offerings and feature surprise guest appearances via a multi-city tour which includes stops at VidCon from 23-25 June and Entertainment Weekly’s Con-X event during Comic-Con from 20-24 July 2016.

Further details will be shared across the brand’s social channels in the coming weeks. Supporters of the effort can join the conversation by connecting via the brand’s official website and primary digital platforms which include YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

“We understand that amazing things happen when one expresses his or her individuality. Our Follow Your Tart mantra encourages every person to do what they love as well as add new and unique flavour to the world in unforgettable ways,” said Meghan Erickson, Brand Manager at SweeTARTS.