Sprite Spotlights LeBron James Win with #DapTheKing

Titled #DapTheKing, the social media push by Sprite entails a major consumer engagement component and limited-edition 16-ounce can.

Sprite has rolled out a social media campaign called #DapTheKing to salute King James. Inspired by the creative handshakes shared throughout the season between the star athlete and his teammates, the brand is inviting fans to initiate their own to commemorate the historic win.

The push celebrates the end of the 52-year wait. According to the beverage behemoth, ‘The Land’ is once again a home of champions, thanks to a transcendent performance from Ohio’s LeBron James. Supporters in the U.S. are invited to record videos of themselves performing celebratory handshakes.

Sprite will release a limited-edition #DapTheKing celebration can.
Sprite will release a limited-edition #DapTheKing celebration can.

Said entries can be posted across social media using the hashtag #DapTheKing. The effort includes a video featuring basketball influencer, Brandon ‘BdotAdot5’ Armstrong. The movement will see amplification with the release of a limited-edition 16-ounce can featuring yellow-on-green illustration of James.

“Sprite began working with LeBron in 2003 before he played his first professional game. Even as an 18-year-old, we could see how passionate he was about bringing The Land a title. The Coca-Cola Company has been lucky to follow him on this 13-year journey,” said Stuart Kronauge, SVP, Brand Marketing at Coca-Cola North America.

Coca-Cola was a winner at the World Branding Awards under the Beverages – Soft Drinks (Global) category during the programme’s 2014-2015 and the 2015-2016 installations.