Shelter Pet Project has launched #AdoptPureLove, a campaign starring Olivia Munn, Rachel Bloom, and Logan Ryan as its spokespersons.

The Shelter Pet Project has rolled out #AdoptPureLove, a collaborative effort with several organisations to include the Ad Council, Humane Society of the United States, and Maddie’s Fund. Representing the push are actresses Olivia Munn and Rachel Bloom as well as NFL athlete, Logan Ryan.

As campaign spokespersons, the celebrity ambassadors will share their personal stories to steer the public towards pet adoption. Developed in partnership with J. Walter Thompson, the main aim of the initiative is to highlight the unique bond that exists between adopted shelter pets and their owners.

Television and radio spots have been released in conjunction with the exercise and feature all three of the above stars alongside their own shelter pets. Munn appears with her canine companions, Frankie and Chance, while Bloom shows off her dog, Wiley—and Ryan plays catch with Leo and Julius.

“Shelter adoption is a cause near and dear to my heart. There are millions of pets waiting for a loving home. Potential pet owners may not realise the unconditional love, joy, and companionship such a pet can bring. I am excited to share our story and encourage people to choose adoption,” said Munn.

The #AdoptPureLove platform seeks to increase the rate of animals adopted from shelters and rescue groups. In its lifetime, it has secured $379 million in donated media, driven over 7.5 million visits to the brand’s dedicated website, and generated upwards of 500,000 pet searches across the portal.

Prospective pet owners are encouraged to visit Shelter Pet Project online, where they can search for available pets by zip code, read success stories, and learn valuable information about pet adoption. For daily updates, fans can connect via social media Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and YouTube.

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