Nectar by Sainsbury’s has been given a brand refresh with a new app and website being launched. 

Following successful trials for their loyalty card scheme in Wales and the Isle of Wight, Sainbury’s will be rolling out the update across the UK. 

The scheme will see customers receiving weekly emails from Nectar with points-boosting, personalised offers, which will allow shoppers to pre-select in order to gain points on when purchased. 

It will also mean that a physical card is not necessary as customers can scan the app while in store, but the cards will still be accepted at checkouts. 

The points earning system will remain the same, with one point earned for every £1 spent, and customers will still be able to earn points at other partner retailers as before. 

Nectar managing director James Moir said: “We’re delighted to be unveiling a new world of Nectar to our customers, making it easier than ever before for them to get the most out of our hundreds of partners and rewards on offer.

“During the trials in Wales and the Isle of Wight, we listened to what our customers wanted and how they like to receive offers, in an increasingly digitised world. This led us to a change in direction for the Nectar scheme, enabling our customers to have a much more personalised experience with offers that are completely unique to them.”

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