Reebok Enhances Fluidity with Liquid Factory

The first concept shoe born from the process is the Reebok Liquid Speed, an energy-return-focused shoe with foot sensory feedback.

Reebok has introduced Liquid Factory, a manufacturing innovation aimed at changing the process and speed of its footwear creation. Spearheaded by the brand’s Head of Future, Bill McInnis, the new technology allows for a faster and more efficient high performance athletic shoe.

The technique leverages software and robotics for three-dimensional drawing. A proprietary liquid material created by BASF is used to draw shoe componentry with added precision. The layering method helps in the development of unique product without the use of traditional moulds.

The first concept shoe born from said process is the Reebok Liquid Speed, an energy-return-focused offering which brings the outsole and lacing together for a comprehensive feel and sensory feedback for the entire foot. The line is being released with an initial 300-pair production run.

The range is available via the brand’s website and FinishLine. The group plans to launch its own Liquid Factory manufacturing lab soon in partnership with Lincoln-based AF Group in Rhode Island. The final assembly of the Liquid Speed shoe took place in Canton, Massachusetts.

“Our global fitness brand has a long history of innovation. We are looking to bring speed, customisation, and enhanced product performance to footwear creation. In essence, Liquid Factory is an exciting development in this particular area,” said Matt O’Toole, President of Reebok.