PepsiCo Celebrates Happy Spring Festival with China’s Ministry of Culture

Most Well-known Chinese Family x Pepsico

PepsiCo collaborates with the Ministry of Culture of China to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year

The “Happy Spring Festival” is an annual programme led by China’s Ministry of Culture. Its goal is to celebrate the Chinese new year with all Chinese and share Chinese culture with foreign countries. This year’s initiative aims to deliver new-year-blessing to all overseas Chinese by broadcasting a video at the landmarks of New York, London and Tokyo. In the video, The Most Well-known Chinese Family played by Song Dandan, Gao Yalin, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan, and You Haoran, are reunited after twelve years since the famous sitcom played in 2004.

This is also the third time that PepsiCo takes part in this programme, as an important part of their routine celebratory project “Bringing Happiness Home” started from 2010. This season, PepsiCo wishes to share the message “where there is love, there is family” with all Chinese via the reunion of the five family members.

The video – a mini movie – is shot centering the number “17”, a homophonic word of the Chinese word “Yi Qi”, which means “being together”. The positive message “happiness is being together” is implemented in the movie and will be aired during Spring Festival, urging consumers to unite with their family.

PepsiCo also plans to join hands with China Women’s Development Foundation for the public welfare project “Bringing Happiness Home-Mother Post Parcel”, which sends best wishes to poverty-stricken mothers during the new year.

Apart from bringing new year wishes to all Chinese both at home and overseas, PepsiCo wants to express the essence of the festival – the traditional culture of reuniting and enjoying the celebration together – which is also the core foundation of PepsiCo’s “Bringing Happiness Home”.