Pepsi is releasing its new marketing platform and tagline in over 100 countries and collaborating with music’s Simon Fuller and Now United.

Pepsi has debuted a new marketing platform and tagline across its trademark. Throughout the year, over 100 countries worldwide will unveil a collection of distinctive For the Love of It content championing the cola of today’s generation. The slogan is meant to capture the brand’s music-inspired legacy.

The beverage giant will partner with industry icon, Simon Fuller, on his latest pop venture, Now United. From China to Brazil to Russia to India, the group comprises fourteen singers and dancers with millions of social media followers. The members of Now United will record a refreshed brand jingle.

The musical mnemonic will act as the heartbeat of For the Love of It across the trademark. The alliance provides emerging talent a global stage to promote their stories, share their art, and connect with new and existing fans. With Now United touring the world, Pepsi will elevate its journey.

The reimagined visual identity and jingle will be brought to life through expressive design-led packaging and disruptive out-of-home artwork alongside compelling commercials and digital content distinct to each of the brand’s offerings, celebrating the pop and fizz of said portfolio in an immersive way.

“We are confidently celebrating who we are. For the Love of It is our rallying cry, proudly saying to go all in for the things you love—from passions and interests like football and music to enjoying one of life’s favourite treats—Pepsi,” said Roberto Rios, SVP, Marketing, Global Beverage Group at PepsiCo.

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