Old Navy Welcomes Back to School Season with Onward!

Old Navy has debuted eight videos to celebrate its Onward! launch in partnership with Pharrell Williams’ creative collection, i am OTHER.

Old Navy has launched a platform focused on elevating the next generation. The project dubbed Onward! was created in partnership with Pharrell Williams’ creative collective, i am OTHER, and features eight videos and original songs performed by a cast of teachers from across the United States.

Designed to inspire students, the tracks were penned by the participating educators to impart important messages. The album showcases the brand’s latest back-to-school styles. I am OTHER lent its expertise during the song-writing and recording process to help each talent find their ‘inner rock star.’

The line-up stars youth specialist, Cedric Gardner; fifth grade teacher, Dwayne Reed; choral director, Nathan Myers; elementary arts teacher, Shani Perez; kindergarten teacher, Kimberly Vega; middle school math teacher, Dr. Valerie Camille Jones; orchestra director, Beth Fortune; and special education teacher, Craig Duchemin.

Darius Scott, a top-twenty finalist from the ninth season of The Voice, served as the lead music producer on the push as well as starred in the Onward! spot. The eight promotional videos from the campaign are available for viewing across the Old Navy YouTube channel, Apple Music, and Spotify.

The compilation champions the retailer’s dedication to celebrating big dreams. The noble cause partners with non-profits to empower the next generation with real-world skills, training, and job opportunities to make a difference in its communities, while blazing a path forward to a brighter future.

For over a decade, the brand has helped Boys & Girls Clubs of America turn learners into leaders, donating more than $10 million. During the back-to-school season, it will sponsor a fundraiser with a $1 million campaign target to benefit the organisation and its efforts both in the Unites States and Canada.

From 27 July 27 to 7 August, the company will match in-store customer donations to BGCA and BGCC, combined up to $350,000. Shoppers can donate at the register at all American and Canadian stores. An add-on function to its online checkout allows donations year-round to causes of Onward!