Nike announces ways to help athletes play inside amid pandemic


Nike creates a one-minute spot to encourage athletes to play inside for the world

Nike is supporting the shift in public life amidst the coronavirus by approaching novel problems with the indomitable spirit of an athlete. Combined with its work in local communities and its manufacturing of PPE for first responders, the brand is giving all athletes the digital resources they need to stay active indoors and tools that span a range of digital content and platforms.

Nike is providing free workouts, content and expert guidance to help athletes reach their fitness goals, whatever they are through their digital ecosystem. Including the Nike App, NTC, NRC,, and the podcast trained. The brand is also providing a live-streamed Nike Training Club Community workout on their YouTube channel for free.

Nike has created a Made To Play initiative works with partners around the world to help encourage kids to stay active, such as through the UK’s Discovery Education and Tokyo’s JUMP-JAM programming for children to have the opportunity to experience a new love for indoor play.

Fulfilling the athlete’s natural desire for competition, the Living Room Cup offers a variety of mini-workout challenges, measured against the personal bests of Nike pro athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Players can share their results on their Instagram profiles using the hashtags #playinside and #thelivingroomcup.

A new chapter for NikeCraft, artist Tom Sachs leads a digital workshop experience designed to inform, inspire, and foster a creative community. Within it, participants become the 13th studio member of the Tom Sachs Studio and follow as it evolves from product concept engine to sustainable and inclusive design studio. The aim is to embrace the fundamentals of making and creating while finding promise in the constraints of limited resources.

In addition, Nike has created a one-minute spot encouraging people to play inside. The one-minute spot features LeBron James and various people from different walks of life, playing inside. The spot closed with the tagline “we may not be playing for giant crowds yet, but today we are playing for 7.8 billion people – This is our chance. Play for the world.”

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