LYCRA Brand Co-Sponsors Upcoming Kingpins Shows

LYCRA Brand Co-Sponsors Upcoming Kingpins Shows

The LYCRA brand teamed up with Who What Wear on a denim promotion featuring 19 denim brands utilising LYCRA dualFX technology

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA brand, will showcase its latest denim fabric innovations at the upcoming Kingpins Show in New York City on November 29-30. As part of this initiative, INVISTA will preview a new technology platform for bi-stretch fabrics as well as highlights from its recent marketing collaboration with Who What Wear, which promoted jeans with LYCRA dualFX technology.

Crafted in response to consumer insights, this ambitious co-branded marketing campaign addressed common “denim dilemmas,” and showed how jeans with LYCRA dualFX technology can solve them.

“Last year we conducted an extensive consumer research project across five countries and found the main issue with stretch jeans was how they lost their shape as people moved throughout their daily activities. We knew we needed to educate consumers that what’s inside their jeans matters and encourage them to look for styles with LYCRA® dualFX® technology. Our biggest challenge was how to do this in an engaging way,” said Jean Hegedus, Global Director of INVISTA’s denim business.

INVISTA found the answer by teaming up with Who What Wear, a leading online destination for fashion, editorial content, and most importantly, shopping. A key element of the collaboration was a curated shop where consumers could easily purchase jeans with LYCRA dualFX technology from 19 featured brands. At its booth at Kingpins, INVISTA will showcase some of the garments from this shop, and will host a seminar about using consumer feedback for successful denim product development and engaging storytelling.

INVISTA will also share results from a study on bi-stretch that can help brands and retailers choose the best bi-stretch fabrics for their particular needs.

“Matching the right fabric with the right silhouette is always a challenge, but even more so when you have fabrics that stretch 360 degrees. This new tool can help guide fabric selection by illustrating the relative merits of different ways of achieving bi-stretch denim,” said Jean Hegedus.