Lexus Lifts LC Coupe with Convertible Concept

lexus lc covertible concept

The Lexus open-top idea marks the future direction of its LC flagship, while the dynamic design positions it as a halo for the entire brand.

A reimagination of the coupe launched three years ago, Lexus will unveil its LC Convertible concept at an world premiere event this year. The upcoming North American reveal is the result of the brand’s automotive evolution and represents the latest in its design elevation.

Drawn to evoke an emotional response, the open-air roadster serves as an artful reflection of its predecessor and an aspirational halo vehicle for the total lineup, given its exceptional contours and style from all angles. The new concept is an expression of “ultimate beauty.”

A shape inspired by the original blueprint where it retains the athletic proportions of the LC coupe, the redesign affords its own identity with long, low, and lean dimensions. The Lexus recreation blends Japanese aesthetics with the sensory satisfaction unique to convertibles.

On top of visual appeal, the aim is to charm beholders with the allure of a cabin engineered to anticipate passenger needs. From white leather trim to seats tailored for pure comfort to technology at the fingertips, the idea is to ensure each ride ventured feels like an occasion.

“A production version of this concept will be exciting. You will see its dynamic lines upon approach, hear its engine when you start it up, and feel everything once on the road. It will engage the senses,” said Tadao Mori, Chief Designer of the Lexus LC Convertible concept.