Leica Honours Ralph Gibson with LA Showcase

leica ralph gibson

Leica is paying tribute to renowned photography, Ralph Gibson, with his Digital Color exhibition scheduled for roll-out in January 2019.

Leica is celebrating renowned photographer, Ralph Gibson, for his eightieth birthday. Titled Digital Color, his work will present at the brand’s gallery in Los Angeles from 17 January to 24 February. The exhibition will feature a series of digital images shot by the man himself.

For the series, Gibson used a Leica Rangefinder. His passion began in 1956 when he joined the United States navy and became a photographer’s mate second class. He found success taking portraits of ship officers, casting shadows and manipulating light for the first time.

Pleased with the stills, their approval established his presence on board. The milestone saw him turn to the darkroom as a form of escape from his life in the navy. Today, he is most recognised for photography that presents everyday objects in a surreal fashion.

His first photography book, The Somnambulist, sparked his fascination with book-making. His works have featured in over 150 museum collections worldwide and across hundreds of exhibitions. He spent 55 years in the darkroom before ever switching to a digital camera.

Released to coincide with his birthday, his new book, Self-Exposure, is an autobiography of his navy service and friendships with Dorothea Lange, Robert Frank, and others. The book debuted during Paris Photo on 14 November and later at New York’s Strand Bookstore.

“It is with great honour that we present Ralph’s Digital Color exhibition at our Los Angeles gallery. We felt it was only fitting that we celebrate his outstanding works and deep loyalty to our brand on this benchmark birthday,” said Roger Horn, President of Leica USA.