Leetchi Adds the United Kingdom to Money Pot

leetchi com uk

To better service its 200,000 UK customers already utilising the Paris-based money collection platform, Leetchi has integrated the GBP.

Global online money collection network, Leetchi, has launched its service in the United Kingdom. With the trust in UK charities at a record low, people are relying on donation-based crowdfunding to help fulfil fundraising targets and remove charities from the equation all together.

A fast and secure alternative, the facility makes it possible for anyone to create a money pot in less than a minute before inviting other people to help finance projects such as group gifts for birthdays, baby showers, and co-workers or even raise funds for initiatives, charities, and events.

To better service the 200,000 customers from said market already utilising the Paris-based platform, the brand has integrated the GBP. Available in four languages namely French, English, Spanish, and German, the platform allows people to add to money pots from over 150 countries.

Unlike others in the UK, Leetchi imposes no charge to create a money pot and launch a campaign. To further reduce costs, its extensive list of partner sites means that one can spend his or her money pool with no additional fee, making the ‘project to purchase’ process free of charge.

The payment system allows people to donate to money collections with just one click. Driving fundraising efforts to go viral, social media integration enables users to share their moneys pots on Facebook and Twitter. The service offers the most competitive pricing at 2.9% above £2,000.

“We are excited to provide users with the option to finance projects in GBP. Our brand has revolutionised the way people raise money for group-gifting and brings an alternative fundraising and gifting service for projects in the UK,” Céline Lazorthes, CEO and Founder of Leetchi Group.