Klassy Walks the Comfort Talk with Leg Liners

klassy leg liner

Gorani-owned Korean lifestyle brand, Klassy, has introduced the Leg Liner, a product which delivers slimmer calves and offers wearers relief.

Klassy, a portfolio under the Gorani banner, has launched the Magic Slippers Leg Liner, an offering created to make one’s legs look slender. The fresh release is a must-have item for  consumers who like slippers. The brand was co-founded by Korean actress, Lee Jang-Woo.

More than a cosmetic feature made to complement walking limbs, the product meets the needs of women who struggle with swelling, excess lower-body weight, and varicose veins. The downward-facing dog yoga pose is the inspiration behind the design of the accessory.

Gorani has churned out its Klassy Leg Liner for women.
Gorani has churned out its Klassy Leg Liner for women

The main highlight are special soles that stretch the ankles to reduce swelling and make the calves appear slimmer. Suitable for all ages, including professionals and students, the reasonably priced contemporary entry affords casual convenience, comfort, and character.

Backed by clinical testing, the Klassy Leg Liner has gained ample traction since its release. “The United States and other overseas markets have shown great interest. We’re speeding up preparations to enter the global space,” said Lee, My Only One star and Gorani Co-CEO.