Kimi Raikkonen Joins Hartwall as Brand Ambassador

Kimi Raikkonen

Original Long Drink is An Iconic Drink for Finns, Deemed As the National Drink of Finland

Hartwall has chosen Formula One World Champion Kimi Raikkonen to be the face of its beverage, Original Long Drink. The partnership is expected to help expand the export sales in chosen markets, especially Asia.

Developed in 1952 for the Helsinki Summer Olympics to help local bartenders serve the thirsty visitors with ease, the beverage, a mix of Finnish gin and grapefruit, has been around for 65 years and is also deemed as the national drink of Finland.

It is currently sold in 15 countries worldwide, with almost two thousand stores in Asia alone.

Hartwall’s newest market ventures in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong has received an excellent reception, encouraging Hartwall to focus more on exports and Kimi Raikkonen will play a major role in presenting the beverage into the Asian market.

“We are constantly looking for new distribution partners, especially in Asia. We believe that our cooperation with Kimi Raikkonen, the growing Nordic trend, and the unique story of the Original Long Drink will interest consumers and bring success to our partners as well as us,” said Kalle Jarvinen, CEO of Hartwall.

The collaboration between Kimi Raikkonen and the Original Long Drink began at the initiative of the World Champion Raikkonen himself.

“I only take part in projects if I have full faith in it and can stand behind the product. Original Long Drink is an iconic drink for Finns and people also call it as the national drink of Finland. Original Long Drink has created a whole new category of `long drinks’ in Finland, better known as “lonkero” among the Finns. I believe that there are millions of people who will love the drink once they try it,” added Raikkonen.