Johnny Rockets Delivers Rebrand with Overhaul

The Johnny Rockets revamp entails a new logo, take-out packaging, wardrobe redesign, interior upgrades, and music remixes.

Global restaurant chain, Johnny Rockets, is pulling out all the stops for its thirtieth anniversary and celebrating the milestone with a major revamp. The move marks the commemoration of its longstanding heritage and evolution into a contemporary brand set on redefining the dining experience.

With the new direction comes the tossing out of the retro vibe, including its 50s diner look complete with jukeboxes, dancing servers, and soda fountain uniforms. Calling the facelift its 2.0 version, the rebrand entails a new logo, wardrobe redesign, interior upgrades, music remixes, and fresh take-out packaging.

The extensive tweak will see service staff clad in dark denim jeans and oxford shirts and managers strapped in chalk stripes. The overhaul includes waist aprons for former and bib aprons for Johnny Rockets’ cooks. In line with the re-positioning, the team worked closely with design firm, WD Partners.

Meanwhile, the company emphasised that flexibility in the remodel was key in order to cater to the changing habits of a variety of target customers including millennials and Hispanics. With the said audience segments continuing to grow with the group, so has the demand for quality food, service, and value.

The notable slogan ‘American Original’ is part of the food and beverage giant’s refreshed emblem. Additionally, the makeover is set to showcase on its walls the hand-crafted quality and essence of the brand’s menu, particularly its chef-inspired burgers, shakes, and shareable appetisers.

“We implemented a logo rebranding study to determine what millennials and non-millennials thought about Johnny Rockets.  We learned, in part, that the majority of users were passionate about our food and great service, but admitted that the brand needed an update,” Joel Bulger, Chief Marketing Officer at Johnny Rockets.