Jeep Brand Launches ‘Release Your Renegade’ Campaign

Emerging Renegade Artists Featured in Jeep Brand Marketing Campaign

Astralwerks Records breakout artist Halsey and three emerging “renegade” artists – Molly Kate Kestner (Atlantic Records), Uri Grey and Chloe Nixon – are featured in a new Jeep brand marketing campaign for the Jeep Renegade that celebrates the spirit of Renegades on the Rise – women with a quest to find their voices, even if it breaks the mold.

Each artist is showcased in one of four 30-second videos in the “Release Your Renegade” campaign, first speaking of their own personal journeys and what makes them a renegade, and embracing a sense of freedom and expressionism brought to life in the songs and music they each write and perform. Halsey and her new single “Bad at Love” star in the first spot, which debuts on US national television this week.

“With the ‘Release Your Renegade’ campaign, Jeep is lending its reach and providing a worldwide platform for breakout artist Halsey, as well as talented up-and-coming female artists Molly Kate Kestner, Uri Grey and Chloe Nixon, to share their unique stories of exactly what it means to be a renegade – as told through their own words and music,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA.

“Jeep represents freedom, passion, adventure and authenticity – qualities shared by our Millennial artists. The campaign’s unique approach not only celebrates each performer individually but does so using a double exposure creative technique that integrates the Jeep Renegade into the image in a way that captures both the spirit of the artists and vehicle,” added Francois.

The “Release Your Renegade” campaign launches on broadcast, online and social platforms beginning 5 October. The creative will be amplified across the Jeep brand Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, as well as the artists’ social media platforms, using hashtag #ReleaseYourRenegade.

The “Release Your Renegade” campaign was created in partnership with DDB Chicago.