INFINITI Reveal New Brand Logo, Retail Space, and Scent


INFINITI, the luxury vehicle arm of Japanese car brand Nissan, has unveiled its newest brand logo. Although the revamp resembles its old look closely, the minor tweaks reflect new visions for the company and its customers.

Entering over 30 years of business, this is the fourth logo revamp in INFINITI’s history. The brand began in 1989 and featured a simple, considerably minimalist logo. In 2004, it took on a more classic look like other car manufacturers, adopting a silvery gradient emblem. 

2023 Update of the INFINITI Logo

INFINITI logos over the years
Image Source INFINITI

For starters, the spacing and thinness of the brand’s wordmark have increased to place greater visual emphasis on the horizon. 

An infinite road is also one of the highlights, with the ends of the logo ending in two flat lines that extend into the background. Previously, the old logo featured lines that ended in a sharp point.

The new INFINITI logo has also taken on a 3D look, which, according to the brand, expresses dynamism, motion, and power. Eventually, the new logo will be imprinted on future INFINITI vehicles. 

Alfonso Albaisa, the Senior Vice President of Global Design at INFINITI, shared, “Our aim was to subtly evolve the INFINITI logo in support of the bright new chapter that lays ahead. Adding greater emphasis to the point where the infinite road intersects with the horizon, we are showcasing our steadfast commitment to always look forward to the future and to new horizons.”

New Refreshes to The Brand

Besides revealing the new INFINITI logo, the brand also launched a refresh of its retail space. Inspired by Japanese design philosophies, the clean, open, and light-filled look can be seen in locations like Los Angeles, Texas, Mexico, and Qatar. 

The new retail space by INFINITI
Image Source INFINITI

Bringing visitors an imaginative experience, the brand’s offline events and spaces will also showcase INFINITI’s new signature scent. In line with its Japanese theme and to create a profound forest atmosphere, the smells infused are Japanese cypress, cedar, and citrus wood. The scent is completely natural and sustainably sourced.

Moreover, a unique INFINITI sound logo was created by combining the sounds of a Japanese drum, wind chimes, and a human voice. Called ‘Moment of Tranquility’, the master track is the foundation for the company’s promotional materials, such as brand activations, corporate videos, commercials, and more.

The evolution of INFINITI comes as customer experience plays an increasingly pivotal role, starting from the brand’s first image. By elevating their connection to their customers and providing thoughtful hospitality, the INFINITI experience is a highly personal and rewarding one.