Art cars from Hyundai Motor Group are conquering New York City as they take to the streets in support of Busan’s bid for the 2030 World Expo. The art cars embody Busan’s vibrant spirit with graffiti-inspired designs and will be displayed in various landmarks.

Busan, a South Korean city, is bidding to host the 2030 World Expo by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) General Assembly. Competing against Rome and Riyadh, the city is accelerating its efforts by launching a 20-car road tour in New York City.

The Hyundai fleet consists of the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 all-electric models and the Genesis Electrified G80 luxury sedan. Additionally, graffiti artwork by artist Jay Flow surrounds the models and highlights Busan’s effervescent energy, alongside the slogan ‘Busan is ready’.

Art car from Hyundai Motor Group
Art car from Hyundai Motor Group Image Source Hyundai Motor Group

The art car exhibition and road tour by the Hyundai Motor Group will begin on the 17th of September until the 22nd. Moreover, the occasion coincides with the UN General Assembly High-level Week 2023, providing the brand and city with greater exposure and attraction.

Weaving through New York City’s lively streets, the art cars will show residents, tourists, and global leaders the spirit of Busan and its culture. Capturing the fun and excitement of what it has to offer, the artistic expression and method highlight Busan’s preparation and readiness as hosts. 

Besides that, Hyundai Motor Group is committed to supporting and initiating global support for Busan. The art cars will be displayed in global cities, and the group will also highlight the city’s commitment to a carbon-neutral expo with eco-friendly transportation for delegations.

‘Busan Is Ready’ by Hyundai Motor Group

Reinforcing Busan’s bid as a 2030 World Expo host, Hyundai Motor Group released two promotional videos featuring its citizens.

 Capturing the sights of Busan and what makes it unique, the videos accentuate its status as a global and interactive hub by the sea. Local residents and foreigners participated in the video, demonstrating diversity, liveliness, modernity, and tradition. 

Besides Hyundai, South Korean conglomerate Samsung has also shown its support, alongside an official meeting between South African delegates and a promotional video.

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