Hyundai Propels Luxury with First Genesis Studio

Genesis Studio Hyundai

Strategically positioned, the Genesis Studio is designed to embody the marque’s core characteristics and evoke curiosity around the brand.

Genesis will launch its first dedicated space on 9 September 2016 within the newly-built cultural complex of Starfield Hanam, some 30 kilometres east of Seoul in South Korea. The showroom captures the latest technologies of the Hyundai luxury automotive portfolio through hands-on exhibits.

The Genesis Studio embodies the marque’s core characteristics. Strategically positioned, it is expected to evoke curiosity around the brand. Select automotive features will be displayed in all available combinations of exterior colours and artisan interior materials.

Set up to depict the carmaker’s unique design directions, the gallery will host the range-topping G90 limousine, G80, and G80 Sport. In particular, patrons will have the opportunity to experience the G80 Sport ahead of its official premiere scheduled later this year in Korea.

The studio offers a one-stop consumer experience for the purpose of convenience in terms of test drives, purchases, and consultation. In addition, brand experts will be present on-site to deliver interesting stories and important information, and share the values behind the name.

To maximise on driving performance, planned routes have been curated to elevate test drives. Meanwhile, the marque plans to unveil diverse space concepts in major markets. Therefore, the Hanam store sets the precedent for future brand spaces to emerge worldwide.

Following the flagship G90 and G80, the G80 Sport unveiled at the 2016 Busan International Motor Show in June will start selling in Korea later in 2016. With the roll-out of G70 slated for next year, the product line-up under the collection is poised for further expansion.

“The studio aims to introduce our brand and raise curiosity around it. We have also developed diverse concepts of brand spaces to fit with different objectives. You will see more exciting brand spaces in the near future,” said Manfred Fitzgerald, Head of the Genesis brand.

Hyundai is a two-time World Branding Awards winner under the Automotive (National) category, walking away with the coveted title during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 installations respectively.