Hefty Gets John Cena’s Mother to Talk Trash Bags

Hefty has brought John Cena back for a new push around its Ultra Strong range, and welcomes his mother on board for the first time.

Hefty has launched a campaign to promote its Ultra Strong product portfolio. Created by Havas Chicago for a second year in a row, the new advertising push features actor and WWE athlete, John Cena, alongside his mother, Carol Cena, who stars in the brand’s Mom Knows Best spot as herself.

The 30-second commercial taps into her tough but comical side to showcase a mother’s innate ability to pick the ideal high-performance trash bag for home use at an ultra-low price. The video opens with her in a grocery aisle physically taking on a shopper to deter him from making a Wimpy purchase.

Dubbed Waiting Husbands, a second advert depicts the television personality and professional wrestler explaining the strengths of the Hefty Ultra Strong variant and its benefits, in terms of savings, to three infatuated women, while their husbands are left waiting impatiently at the front of the store.

Capturing the marque’s signature combination of witty humour, brains, and brawn, the effort relies on the mum-and-son duo to demonstrate the durability and affordability of said trash bag selection. The newly rolled out creatives are scheduled to run across key television, digital and social media platforms.

“Carol Cena adds a fresh approach to a campaign that has helped energise and modernise the brand. Her performance adds a humorous twist to the ads consumers have enjoyed over the past year, and reinforces the key qualities of the line they love,” said Lisa Smith, Vice President of Marketing at Hefty.