HButler Powers Smartphone with New Mighty Purse Line

hbutler mighty purse

Australian wearable tech brand, HButler, has introduced a brand new Mighty Purse line which comes with smartphone-charging capabilities.

Australian wearable tech brand, HButler, has expanded its Mighty Purse portfolio to include a range of purses and handbags which recharges the smartphone. Fusing together fashion and technology, the collection is designed to serve as an essential smart accessory for the modern-day woman.

Products from said line contain a hidden lightweight built-in battery, ranging from 3000 mAh to 4000 mAh in power—which is enough to more than double the battery life of most smartphones. Devices are charged by being plugged into the Mighty Purse built-in battery, iPhones included.

The new releases will feature at Nevada’s upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from 5-8 January 2017—a global event dedicated to consumer electronics and technology. Included in the cluster is a new vegan leather range called Spark, which uses faux leather to achieve style.

The brand was first introduced into the American market in 2013 by Australian-based fashion expert, Ana Slavka, and her husband, Stephan Kljajic. From wristlets to reversible totes, the latest from Mighty Purse offers an array colours, sizes, shapes, designs, and functions to suit every occasion.

Key HButler pieces from the collection include the Trio Bag, XL Cross Body Bag, Geo Clutch and X-Body, Charging Wallet, Zipper Wallet Saffiano, and Fringe Suede Bag, among others. The Vegan Leather range offers women the Spark Wristlet, Reversible Tote, and Flap X-Body Bag.

“Fashion and form are important, but so is function. The modern-day accessory needs to do more than just hold your personal tech items. It can be quite a vulnerable experience to be without technology these days, and it’s reassuring to know that you’ll never be left powerless in a pinch,” said Slavka.

The newly launched merchandise from both lines is currently distributed through more than 2,000 active retailers in across the United States and can be also purchased online via the HButler website.