Hans Brinker Hostel Embraces Reputation of Being ‘The Infamous’

Hans Brinker Hostel
Image Source: Hans Brinker

The Hans Brinker Hostel in Amsterdam has released its latest advertisement, paying homage to none other than itself. Working with DDB Amsterdam and 180 Amsterdam, ‘The Infamous’ is a campaign that sheds light not on the hostel but its guests.

To properly understand the context behind The Infamous, one must take a step back into Hans Brinker’s past. Built as early as the 13th century, the hostel only boomed into popularity in the 1970s. Several years later in the 90s, the establishment began running ads declaring itself as ‘the worst hotel in the world’.

Although the puzzling statement made travellers think twice about booking a stay, it was effective enough to win awards at the Effies and Cannes Lions. Continuing its legacy of infamy amongst all the hotels in the world, The Infamous attributes its notorious image to its guests.

‘The Infamous’ by Hans Brinker

The campaign video begins with a pathway of puddles and the narration: “In the hotel business, a place is only as famous as its guests make it.” Trailing upwards from the ground is a woman lying on a bed in crumpled clothes and an odd helmet. The narrator introduces the woman as Kate, last night’s party finisher and starter. 

The next scene features Pedro, a guest who sways down the hallway to his room. As the camera pans out, he is seen pantsless and only in his underwear. The narrator shares that Pedro’s mantra is “Why be respected when you can be remembered”, to which he falls gracefully into his room as soon as the door unlocks. 

Lucas, the third guest, appears to be spooked as he sits with his arms around his knees on a lower bunk bed. He stares at something in front of him – a llama standing calmly between two bunk beds. “With guests like these, it’s no surprise people call us famous. Or perhaps better said, infamous,” finishes the narrator as the animal exits the room. “And that’s just how we like it.” 

Llama from Hans Brinker Hostel Ad
Image Source Hans Brinker

Besides a new campaign, Hans Brinker has unveiled a fresh website look and corporate identity. The website features the same guests in The Infamous, plus vague yet alluring reviews that create a sense of curiosity. Other activations will follow soon to tell the entire Hans Brinker story.