Giorgio Armani Unveils 5 Real Women, 5 Real Stories

Giorgio Armani has assembled a line-up of 5 Real Women, who were carefully selected to embody passion and inspire others.

Following the success of The Courage to Say Sì, a digital video which has garnered more than seven million views since its February 2015 debut, Giorgio Armani has put together a line-up for its 5 Real Women, 5 Real Stories campaign. The carefully selected females were chosen to embody passion.

The movement is in line with the marque’s efforts to initiate dialogue with women from all walks of life, whose only connection is to have found the inner strength to say Sì to themselves and their dreams. The Si Women’s Circle is an opportunity for them to share their stories with each other.

For the platform’s first edition, five women from around the world tell their stories via fascinating videos which are available for consumption via the fashion giant’s website, YouTube channel, and social networks. The aim is to give the women of today a voice.

Key among them is Charlotte Ranson, a coryphée with the Paris Opera Ballet. She has been dancing since the age of four and has devoted her life to her dream. She is committed to her art every moment of every day and remains driven to express herself through movement.

Another is Cecile Schmollgruber, who lives in San Francisco and is the founder of Stereolabs—a pioneer in developing 3D solutions which has had great success in the American movie-making realm as well as in applications in the medical sector. Across a male-dominated arena, she has made her mark.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s Helena Rizzo from Sao Paulo, while destined to work in architecture, chose to follow her appetite for the culinary arts, and now has her own restaurant. Voted ‘Best Chef’ in 2014, she is delighted to have made the choice to listen to her heart.

Yuja Wang, a Chinese pianist living in New York, became immersed in the art form since the age of six. Her piano teacher told her that her hands were too small to play professionally. Taking those words with a pinch of salt, she persevered, only to become a world-renowned musician with a vast global footprint.

Next in line, although in no particular order, is Kee-Yoon Kim. Born in Berlin to Korean parents and living as an accomplished lawyer in Paris, she decided one day to make her dream come true—to be a comedian, write a show, and go on stage. Finally, Hollywood’s Cate Blanchett is the face of Si and campaign’s main spokesperson.