Gevalia Kaffe Debuts Fresh Special Reserve Line in US

Gevalia Kaffe Coffee

Owned by The Kraft Heinz Company, Gevalia Kaffe, has launched a new Special Reserve line of coffee for America featuring four varieties.

Gevalia Kaffe, under The Kraft Heinz Company, has unveiled a Special Reserve line of coffee which includes four premium Arabica single-origin blends, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea varieties. Each is sourced exclusively from its respective country.

The offerings are pre-ground to highlight each origin’s unique flavours, particularly when brewed using specialty methods like a French Press, pour over or moka pot. With a growing number of millennials using such on-trend brew methods, the brand takes the guesswork out of brewing.

Each 10-ounce bag of Gevalia Kaffe Special Reserve includes a brewing device recommendation and instructions for both specialty brew methods and standard automatic drip coffeemakers. The collection is now available at grocers and mass merchandise retailers across the United States.

“With Special Reserve, regular coffee drinkers and connoisseurs alike can brew a premium cup of coffee themselves using these pre-ground coffee beans in their specialty brewer and regular coffee brewer, within the comfort of their own home,” said Kale Schnettler, Brand Manager of Gevalia Kaffe.

Heinz was a winner at the 2014 World Branding Awards.