Ronald McDonald might be the face of the brand, but it’s time for his buddy to shine in a unique McDonald’s Grimace NFT collection coming to Singapore. The limited-edition digital tokens will be released sometime next week, allowing die-hard fans a slice of the digital McDonald’s pie.

Collaborating with Bandwagon Labs and The Hidden Walls, the Grimace NFT collectibles consist of 2,000 unique pieces. Additionally, they can be redeemed for free on the McDonald’s Singapore app, bolstering the collection’s exclusive and exceptionally limited quantity.

McDonald's App

The digital collectibles can be minted at no cost and through a fuss-free process on the app. Furthermore, when a user successfully redeems a Grimace NFT, they’ll be awarded exclusive benefits to use later on.

A sneak preview of the Grimace NFT designs feature the mascot in various McDonald’s merchandise – from bandanas to aprons, sweaters, and more. With his hands in the air and playful expressions, the one-of-a-kind collectibles reflect the brand and Grimace’s cheerful image.

Drina Chee, the Senior Director of McDonald’s Singapore, shared that the initiative will help the character evolve. As the love for Grimace transcends generations from the previous to the next, its solo digital debut will delight long-time fans.

How to Redeem Your McDonald’s Grimace NFT

To redeem a McDonald’s Grimace NFT, users must first have a Digital Collectibles wallet using the MetaMask app or Web3auth. On the McDonald’s mobile app, select ‘Grimace Digital Collectibles’, and tap ‘Mint Now’ to begin minting.

Once it’s successfully minted, users can view it in the McDonald’s app or add it to their existing NFT collections. Each McDonald’s account can only redeem one digital collectible and it is non-transferable or traded. 

The McDonald’s Grimace NFTs represent one of the ways the brand hopes to engage with consumers and fans. Through a digital experience that combines art and design with technology, suffice to say, the collectibles will be a timeless collectable.

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