Ed Sheeran’s Heinz tattoo comes to life

Ed Sheeran

Heinz have adopted Ed Sheeran for their latest special edition ketchup bottle.

Longtime fan of Heinz ketchup, Ed Sheeran has a tattoo of a Heinz ketchup bottle on his arm. Heinz have now released a special edition bottle, replicating the tattoo.

Only 150 bottles have been made; 3 are to be auctioned at Christie’s with the proceeds going to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices – Sheeran’s charity of choice – and Rise Against Hunger, 104 are to be given away online and the rest will be handed out to fans or donated to museums across the world. 

The campaign follows the launch of the latest Heinz product ‘Tomato Edchup’. This prompted Sheeran to even write a script for an advert, which then later came a reality.