Duracell Powers Stay Connected with Jann Arden Partnership

The Duracell campaign features a spot encouraging those suffering from hearing impairment to stay connected with their loved ones.

Duracell has launched an emotionally-inspiring initiative featuring multi-platinum artiste, Jann Arden, as the face of the campaign. Titled Stay Connected, the push is led by a 90-second short encouraging those suffering from hearing impairment to stay connected with their loved ones and not miss out on life’s key moments.

Helping kick off the movement, the Canadian star had her own hearing tested by Dr. Marshall Chasin, AuD and is encouraging Canadians everywhere to do the same. The exercise aims to reach the vast majority of Canadians not currently receiving treatment and create awareness around the impact of non-treatment, which may lead to isolation, depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The above is believed to have far-reaching effects on family members as well. According to the brand, hearing loss is an ailment affecting approximately three million Canadians, 80% of whom don’t get medical help. Duracell endeavours to power those in said category to experience every moment and stay connected by offering longer-lasting hearing aid batteries.

In an effort to motivate people towards staying connected, it is offering 10,000 free hearing screenings from 19 May to 26 June 2016, as part of the campaign strategy. Arden, who has experienced the influence the condition can have on a family, is working towards drawing attention to the issue so people will get tested.

The new commercial tells the story of a father who slowly starts to slip into isolation. During important moments like family dinners, he becomes disengaged due to his hearing impairment. Following a concerning event with his baby granddaughter, his position on seeking helps changes.

Canadian powerhouse, Jann Arden, kicks off 'Stay Connected' campaign by Duracell.
Canadian powerhouse, Jann Arden, kicks off ‘Stay Connected’ campaign by Duracell.

With encouragement from his loved ones, he takes the first step in addressing his hearing health with a visit to an audiologist. He is deemed fit for a hearing aid. The assist device he receives, which is powered by Duracell, immediately connects him back to the world. Since its 12 May 2016 released, the clip has seen more than 1.7 million YouTube views.

“We power millions of people daily with long-lasting hearing aid batteries. We didn’t want the hearing test itself to be the obstacle for anyone currently suffering and not being treated. So we made it as simple by providing 10,000 free tests,” said Peter Gorzkowski, Director of Marketing and Commercial Operations at Duracell.

The tests are administered through the National Hearing Test, a quick and convenient over-the-phone screening developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health. While the results kept private, the test helps determine if a more full-scale assessment by an audiologist is required.

Meanwhile, the brand has tied up with Rogers Media to launch the platform. Canadians will experience a type of hearing loss through live television execution which briefly reduces the volume in real time. The demonstration is meant to help viewers understand the contribution of audio in their daily lives.

Across the company’s suite of television assets, audiences will see a volume-bar decreasing as the audio reduces for five seconds. As the remote control is reached, an on-screen message will prompt, “Are you having trouble hearing?” before transitioning directly into Duracell’s hearing loss messaging.