For its latest design roll-out, Dr. Scholl’s has partnered with rapper and producer, Mvstermind, to deliver an offering for sneaker enthusiasts.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes continues its innovative approach to footwear design by collaborating with St. Louis rapper and producer, Mvstermind. A brand-first limited-edition men’s sneaker range with the same name will be unveiled in line with the tie-up in mid-February.

The musician will work with Claude Leco, an in-house designer, to create a modern offering that caters to the urban sneaker enthusiast. Mvstermind first struck an alliance with the shoemaker in 2018 when he was named an ambassador for its Do What You Love initiative.

In addition to the above artiste, the push has featured nine other unique creatives who are on their feet and doing what they love, from photography to woodworking. The Mvstermind is the first shoe design collaboration with one of the Do What You Love brand ambassadors.

“We believe in supporting creative people who do what they love. We’re excited to combine creative forces to keep pushing our brand forward and bring more innovative shoes through this strategic collaboration,” said Katie Moore, Design Director for Dr. Scholl’s Shoes.

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