KFC and DC Launch Across the Universe Comic Book

kfc dc comic

Colonel Sanders and Green Lantern team up to zing bad guys across the universe in the latest comic book release from KFC and DC.  

KFC and DC Entertainment are debuting a third installment of the Colonel Sanders and Justice League comic book series. The team-up release will be available in print exclusively via the DC booth at the San Diego Comic-Con: International from 19 to 23 July.

Created by DC’s Custom Creative Studio, the comic is available for digital download. In Across the Universe, the Colonel goes on a quest to satisfy a hungry universe, when faced by a ‘thieving varmint’ who steals his space-bound Zinger chicken sandwiches.

The plot thickens when Green Lantern steps in to help locate the culprit. The KFC creative team behind the publication includes writer, Tony Bedard; penciler, Tom Derenick; and inkers, Trevor Scott and Sean Parsons; with a cover by Tom Grummett and Scott.

“Fans of the Zinger who have been following Colonel Sanders’ quest to make it the most popular chicken sandwich in the universe will finally learn what’s next for the space sandwich in this latest comic,” said Steve Kelly, Director of Media and Digital of KFC US.

KFC first partnered with DC’s Custom Creative Studio in 2015 for the release of The Colonel of Two Worlds, which was followed by Colonel Corp in 2016.