Bud Light Shakes Up the Shelves with NFL Packaging

bud light nfl 2017

Bud Light has introduced NFL-themed cans and aluminium bottles and launches a television campaign that airs the first spot on 7 September.

Staying true to tradition, Bud Light has rolled out NFL-themed packaging just in time for the season. Featured across the brand’s cans and aluminium bottles, new designs have been introduced to celebrate 28 teams across the United States, alongside a 36-pack with all 32 teams represented.

The updated looks are on shelves in select markets and will be available nationwide before the end of August. The goods carry the logo and slogan of the respective franchises. Also, the cans come with Snapcodes; fans who take a photo of them using Snapchat stand to win Super Bowl LII tickets.

Participation also unlocks an interactive Bud Bowl game and team-specific filters. Additionally, the beer giant will launch television advertising placements throughout the season as part of its Famous Among Friends campaign. The push celebrates building friendships over sports and beer.

“NFL team packaging is something fans have come to expect from Bud Light year after year. We are proud to continue that tradition and are excited to roll out our designs on aluminium bottles for the first time,” said Anna Rogers, Director of NFL Partnerships and Strategy at Anheuser-Busch USA.