Cookie Monster Steals over 3M Views for Apple’s iPhone 6s Timer Ad

Developed by TBWA/Media Arts Lab and released on 16 March 2016, the 60-second spot has already secured more than three million views

Across a landscape where many businesses are holding steadfast to the concept of ‘in with the new,’ Apple has opted to steer back in time and return to an old favourite. Highlighting the mobile device’s timer feature in particular, the newest iPhone 6s spot sees Sesame Street’s beloved blue muppet taking the lead.

Delivering a comical twist, the commercial places the Cookie Monster at the baker’s slab for a change, right where he stars alongside famed assist service, Siri. Only this time, he is shown working to earn his keep, rather than just dipping his hand into the jar for an easy crunch on a crispy treat.

Created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab and released on 16 March 2016, the one-minute video has managed to secure more than three million views only five days into its debut. Beginning with a scene where the kid-friendly character is captured fixing up a storm, the clip opens with him enlisting the help of his kitchen partner.

In the advertisement titled, Timer, he pops a tray into the oven and calls out, “Hey Siri, set timer for 14 minutes.” Instead of relying on the appliance’s built-in timer, he looks to his virtual aid for the countdown. The earnest request is then met with an obliging response when Siri replies, “Okay, fourteen minutes and counting.”

However, much like his browning biscuits, waiting can be a real kick in the nuts. The furry eater being who he naturally is succumbs to the boredom filling the air in place of the aromas to come. He beckons for his ‘waiting playlist’ to be activated to keep him entertained as the seconds do the opposite of fly by.

The home-cook is grateful for the effort, but sometimes, even Jim Croce’s aptly titled Time on a Bottle isn’t enough to silence the inaudible ticking of an inconspicuous clock. Against the ballad’s sleepy backdrop, the impatient baker quickly resorts to other methods to bide the seemingly unending time.

From meddling with the oven’s lights to licking flour off his finger to flipping through the recipe book to chomping down on his mixing utensils to re-checking the timer on his phone, he busies himself with a string of antics to stay occupied. However, all attempts prove futile to his idle mind.

With slightly over 13 minutes to go and Croce still crooning away in the background, the cookie fiend’s anticipation continues to wear thin as the ad concludes with more than just a bang. Nonetheless, it’s a comfort knowing that the ‘always-on’ hands-free Siri remains powered even if her owner switches off.

Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab

Client: Apple