Zift Touts Benefits of App with Campaign

Mobile app service, Zift, has kicked off an advertising campaign across television to educate parents with young children on its advantages.

Zift, the mobile app designed to offer families screen-time parenting tools, insights, and resources, has rolled out a push which will air across cable and television networks. The strategic campaign features awareness-driven commercials in 30- and 60-second formats.

Targeting tech-conscious adults with young children, it aims to educate parents on the free app’s benefits for those seeking to monitor and manage the kids’ digital habits. Coinciding with the holiday season, it lines up with the giving of gifts like smartphones and tablets.

Available to iOS and Android users, Zift begins its protective function upon download to the parent and child’s phones. Controls extend to online searches to deliver updates on usage and notifications if content related to drugs, weapons, self-harm, and pornography is seen.

Also, an adult can instantly pause or turn off the internet on their child’s phone. Through the Zift app advisor and parent portal, further resources can be accessed to navigate a kid’s use of technology. Online content filtering is available across fourteen categories.

“The detriment of screen-time has become more widely explored. Accessibility to resources in the digital age is crucial. The goal of our campaign is to showcase our app as a solution for parents as technology continues to dominate,” said David Savage, Co-founder, Zift.