Velosan Flames Cooking Craze with Promotional Campaign

Velosan Flames Cooking Craze with Promotional Campaign

German Cookware Brand Velosan Teams Up With Metro AG

The latest aspect of the cooking craze sweeping across the globe is the desire to have the best cooking utensils. Metro AG, a German global diversified retailer, announced the launch of a promotional campaign for 2018, allowing shoppers to collect coupons that can be redeemed in exchange for nine types of cooking utensils from local German cast iron cookware brand Velosan, rather than imported cookware during previous campaigns.

Among the cooking utensils for which the coupons can be redeemed, one can find the Velosan-branded single-handle frying pan, cast iron milk pot, chopping board and slicing knife.

Since the launch of the first promotional campaign in 2015, Metro has issued coupons that could be redeemed for 350 different sets of cooking utensils, creating a path by which the retailer could re-engage with 1.1 million non-active members who then returned to a Metro outlet for purchase.

An analysis of sales data by Metro showed that, among older shoppers, the preference was to save up the coupons and redeem them for expensive utensils, with veteran housewives frequently opting for the higher-priced wok and soup tureen, while younger shoppers preferred lower-priced accessories.

Each campaign, on average, contributed more than 130 million euros/£115.5 million in revenue to the retailer, with the average sale per shopper 20% higher than those who completed a purchase without redeeming coupons.

Founded in 1896, Velosan boasts advanced manufacturing equipment complimented by each utensil being finished by means of a manual polishing process carried out by skilled artisans, in addition to the brand’s tradition of German craftsmanship in terms of exterior design.

The retailer revealed that they had conducted a survey prior to this year’s campaign with the results showing that more than three out of ten housewives on average were aware of the German brand, due to the cookware maker having previously launched promotional campaigns in supermarkets across Europe and seen how the campaigns had boosted sales. Metro aims to promote healthy cooking and dining via the campaign.

The retailer said that with this year’s campaign they have lowered the minimum number of points needed to complete a redemption to 25 points besides the lowest ever product unit price.

For the first time, the retailer allowed shoppers to redeem select products via the points they earn, allowing more flexibility in how the coupons can be redeemed.