VELCRO Brand Launches “Hang Awesome” Digital Campaign

VELCRO HANGables Removable Wall Fasteners Star Alongside Cast of Characters in New Digital Ad Spots that Celebrate Self Expression and Aim to Create Community of Idea Sharing via #HangWithUs

To showcase the range of applications for its VELCRO Brand HANGables Removable Wall Fasteners, the VELCRO Brand has launched a new digital campaign encouraging users to find their most creative side and “Hang Awesome” with the Brand’s signature hook-and-loop fasteners. Featuring the Selfie Queen, the Rocker who loves her album art and the Staycationer seeking his escape through tropical art and posters, the videos and stills celebrate unique tastes and hobbies. By utilizing the #HangWithUs hashtag, the company aims to create a community of idea-sharing and recognize the many and varied ways individuals express their style.

“The VELCRO Brand is committed to creating solutions to meet a range of décor and organisation needs and we created this campaign to communicate the many ways that HANGables fasteners can help easily and quickly create a personalised space. We have seen great adoption among educators and young adults, however, as consumers are more focused on self-expression than ever before, we wanted to applaud individuality across all audiences,” said Charlotta Larsson, Director of Marketing and eCommerce, Velcro Companies, Consumer.

The campaign, which launched in full today was created by Boston-based Genuine. It is designed to celebrate the unique and quirky ways people can share their style and interests by “hanging awesome,” and utilising HANGables fasteners to display art, photographs, posters, frames and other items that can be affixed to a wall. The spots will run on Facebook and Instagram.

HANGables fasteners are available in five shapes – square, curves, large and small strips and corners – and can hold up to 16 pounds. Each features a special adhesive that allows users to easily remove from a wall, or select surfaces, without any damage.