TUMI, a leading international travel and lifestyle brand, released today the first instalment starring film and television star Daniel Henney, in an upcoming series entitled Perfecting The Journey – The Series.

As part of TUMI’s perpetual pursuit of perfection through innovation, the brand draws inspiration from fields outside its own. Each impactful episode of Perfecting The Journey – The Series investigates a unique and timely idea relating to the never-ending drive toward perfecting a specific craft. For Daniel Henney, achieving the “perfect scene” is his ultimate goal as an actor.

This instalment of the series, directed by Jon Clements, offers an inside look at Daniel Henney’s creative process when preparing for a scene, from character research to the moment he steps in front of the camera.

We learn about the challenges he faces, how he works toward his goal, and about the impossible-to-repeat alchemy that must occur to capture the kind of scene that becomes legendary. As he explains, it is impossible to perfect acting — but that is exactly what motivates him to keep pursuing it.

It is this constant process of improvement that ultimately shapes and changes culture at large. Perfection, it turns out, is just an idea — the journey toward it is what is important.

The actor said in a statement that he loves his TUMI backpacks due to their durability, resilience and resourcefulness.

“There is a pocket for everything and I never have to worry about getting them too scuffed up or ripped open. I have got TUMI bags from years ago that I can still use because they are so tough. And that is who I like to see myself as, as a person and as an actor—someone who can get through anything, someone who is tough and resilient.”

This campaign features the newly redesigned Harrison Collection, inspired by a modern, timeless style. The simple, minimalistic collection delivers major functionality with clean silhouettes in lightweight nylon including the Osborn Roll Top Backpack, Warren Backpack, Bradner Backpack and Gregory Sling. Daniel showcases how the Harrison Collection allows him to perfect his journey as he travels the world in pursuit of his passion.

“We see Daniel as a true global citizen always striving to perfect his journey,” said Victor Sanz, Creative Director of TUMI. “Knowing the passion we both share for our crafts made it easy to connect with him on a deeper level. I am excited to share the first episode in this incredible new series and look forward to sharing more to come.”

The film runs globally across the brands’ social channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, OOH and Digital.

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