Tropicana helps parents find a moment of brightness with a Mimosa

Tropicana helps parents find a moment of brightness with a Mimosa

Tropicana helps parents find a moment of brightness by creating incognito mini-fridges filled with the makings for mimosas, to provide parents with the ultimate “Mimoment” for themselves

To say this year has been unprecedented and challenging would be a massive understatement, especially for parents doing it all. Whilst a silver lining in these difficult times has been the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends, Tropicana understands that every now and then parents need a break.

According to a recent survey by Tropicana, 87% of moms and dads agree that parenting has become so hectic this year that sometimes they just need a moment for themselves. In fact, nearly half (49%) admit that they hide out in the bathroom to get it! And nearly all parents agree that this year more than ever, they look for ways to create small moments of brightness in their days.

Tropicana is helping parents find those moments – wherever and whenever they can – by creating incognito mini-fridges filled with the makings for mimosas to provide moms and dads with the ultimate “Mimoment” for themselves.

“This year more than ever, people are seeking those little moments of brightness, respite and relaxation in their day – especially parents,” says Anup Shah, vice president and chief marketing officer Juice Brands, PepsiCo Beverages North America.

“Tropicana has been a staple at the family breakfast table for generations and we wanted to provide parents with that same moment of brightness you get from a delicious glass of orange juice but in a way that shows we understand what they are going through right now. As a father of three girls, I can certainly say I get it – we could all use a Mimoment these days.”

Tropicana is teaming up with busy parents, including Gabrielle Union, Molly Sims, and Jerry O’Connell to share some of the ways they’ve been able to take a Mimoment whilst still taking care of their families this year.

“As a mom of three young kids (who are always around), this has been an interesting year, to say the least,” says model, actress, and author Molly Sims. “And, like most parents, whilst I cherish these moments with them, finding time for myself is next to impossible so I’ve had to get creative. My closet has become my go-to sanctuary to catch my breath for a quick moment of brightness, a place to sometimes eat my kids’ snacks or better yet, to sip a mimosa. It’s important to look after yourself whilst also looking after your family.”

Tropicana created three types of unsuspecting mini-fridges filled with orange juice and champagne to blend into the home environment, including a storage cabinet for the bathroom, a tool cart for the basement, and a hamper for the closet.

“I’ve absolutely loved getting to spend more time with my family this year,” says actress, producer, and best-selling author Gabrielle Union. “But having a toddler as a shadow doesn’t allow for much me-time and now more than ever I need a little moment of brightness to myself each day, even for just a few minutes. My bathroom has actually become my space of serenity when mama needs a break-even if I’m just collecting my thoughts, doing my beauty or hair-care routine or scrolling through Instagram.”

Whilst the mini-fridges aren’t currently for sale, people can comment where they #TakeAMimoment of brightness on Tropicana’s Instagram page @tropicana_juices and the brand may just surprise you with one.

The mini fridges coincide with Tropicana’s master brand campaign, “Sip Your Sunshine,” which celebrates the brightness that a single sip of delicious Tropicana can bring. It shines a light on the modern, authentic, everyday occurrences that bring moments of happiness into our lives – the same brightness that Tropicana has provided for more than 70 years and is now bringing to a new generation.