Triumph Global Campaign is Routed in Collective Empowerment

Triumph Global Campaign is Routed in Collective Empowerment

Lingerie Brand Triumph Makes Bold Statement of Empowerment and Strength with #TogetherWeTriumph

Triumph, one of the world’s leading underwear and lingerie brands, launched a global campaign titled #TogetherWeTriumph. The brand pushes the message that empowerment is a recognition of sisterhood and togetherness, marking a new creative direction for the brand in 2018.

For over 130 years, the brand has been supporting women through their products, giving the feeling of total confidence and providing fit solutions for all shapes and sizes.

Embedded in the its brand values is the support of women who support one another and representing the brand are thousands of employees who excel in service every day, from design and innovation to the fit experts in store. #TogetherWeTriumph is a celebration of women all over the world.

The new campaign is a bold statement of empowerment, of strength, reflected through a series of ‘real life’ moments where kindness and understanding shines through each of the short scenes.

“It is no secret that behind every women is another woman who inspires and helps her and this is what we want to celebrate. It is also a celebration of our family. Our employees all over the world who are constantly innovating and crafting lingerie with every woman in mind. Today this message of female empowerment is incredibly relevant and deserves our support,” said Markus Spiesshofer, Triumph Managing Partner.

“Our campaign in 2018 has a digital and social focus, which we will drive to connect with our consumers on a deeper level by putting her centre stage. By deliberately moving away from a product-centric campaign, it has given us a fresh perspective to our communication across all our channels,” said Suzanne McKenna, Head of Brand.

The brand has been crafting lingerie for over 130 years, ensuring women look and feel their best. Since 1886 it has understood that with perfectly fitting lingerie comes the feeling of true support, empowering women every day, all over the world.

Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies with over 2,000 stores and 40,000 wholesale customers worldwide, selling products in 3,600 controlled points of sale, with a global distribution spanning 120 countries.