Tourisme Montreal Inspires Mexicans to Travel

Tourisme Montreal has rolled out its first promotional campaign in Mexico to interest more Mexican travellers in the iconic Canadian city.

Tourisme Montreal has launched a targeted campaign to invite Mexican travellers to experience the iconic Quebecois city located in said Canadian province. Dubbed Inspírese sin límites, the freshly minted strategy is based on the Never Grow Up communications platform by the organisation.

The push is indicative of its objective to drive the sustained growth the market has seen since 2016, a spike attributable to the destination’s Mexican visitors. The figure rose by 75 percent last year, with 92,000 tourists. In 2018, Tourisme Montreal expects a 20 percent hike to 109,200 Mexicans.

The projections were derived in collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada. In addition to the recently hosted Wine and Food Festival in Mexico, an event featuring the Cirque du Soleil will commence on 9 November in Mexico City in tandem with the Mexican partners of the bureau.

“We want Mexicans to feel at home in Montreal. Our cultures both bear Latin roots so we have a lot in common. Also, Since Spanish is the fourth most common language here, Mexicans should feel all the more welcome here,” said Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montreal.